Residential Care

Charlotte Residential Care

Residential care homes are homes which provide long-term care to adults and/or children who reside in residential settings instead of their own houses. Unlimited Possibilities Family Home Care aids such adults by providing them Long Term Care, Geriatric Care Facility or Nursing Home Care.

UP Family Care Home favors the idea of living in one’s own home environment for as long as possible because you get the correct quality of life by living in your own home. By keeping every aspect in mind, Up Family Care Home provides a night professional supervision and care to adults in a friendly and supporting environment.

Unlimited Possibilities Family Care Home

Unlimited Possibilities Family Care Home

Unlimited Possibilities Family Care Home

Why Choose Residential Care at UP Family Home Care:

  • Those who are physically dependent on their housemates, along with medical requirements which demand professional nursing care, and a program designed to improve/retain functional ability
  • Those who have serious behavioral problems on a frequent basis
  • Those who are clinically complex, with multiple disabilities and/or medical situations which require regular monitoring along with specialized nursing care.
  • Those who are cognitively impaired, which can range from moderate to severe

To learn more about our residential care program please call us at (704) 681-1709. Our highly trained staff can answer any questions you might have.